Wu Wei began as a committed exploration toward Wisdom Culture. An offering to the Creator, the Earth and Humankind. We are creating spaces, styles, and movements for a growing Wisdom Age for our societies to gather + collaborate harmoniously and most effectively. Moved by the depths of connectedness we have witnessed and inherited from this Life, we recognise the importance of being stewards and pioneers of Wisdom Culture.  

Born from Love and seeded internationally, Wu Wei Founders, Neely Shasheen Cane and Darren Lee Cane, have now blossomed to expand the circle to new multi national and multi cultural heights. Founded in Bali in 2013 and fractalizing into 2020, Wu Wei is now anchored in Singapore, Bali and coming to fruition abroad, actively expanding on the wings of a new era in human perspective and place. We are in service to the higher intelligence, Nature.

“Welcome your wisdom nature!”
— Wu Wei founders

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